Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello World!

The Resistor Color Scanner will be a mobile application for Android devices. The function will be to process an image of a resistor to deduce the colors of the bands on a resistor to find the resistance. This project will require the learning of skills in the areas of image processing and Android development. The first month will be dedicated to learning our way around the interface of the Eclipse IDE and learning the basics of image manipulation in Java. We will then begin work on reading the colors of an idealized picture of a resistor and the basic user interface. Converting the colors to the resistance will be fairly simple after we have accurate readings for the colors. If we have time after this is done, we will attempt to make the application scan using streaming information from the camera rather than from a still. We have discovered that the camera takes much better pictures of small objects from a distance of around 4-5 inches away. This would mean that the user would have to take a picture from that distance and crop the picture to fit just the resistor. This may make scanning impossible, but we would like to try.

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