Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our Fall 3013 Proposal

Resistance Color Scanner
Authors: Joshua Makinen and Steven Hammar

Project Summary:
The Resistor Color Scanner will be a mobile application for Android devices. The function will be to process an image of a resistor to deduce the colors of the bands on a resistor to find the resistance. The application will also allow for the user to manually enter colors for individual bands in case of incorrect reads of any bands, and will ideally work with both a still picture and live camera capture.  This project will require the learning of skills in the areas of image processing and Android development.  

As of now we have created a skeleton of the android app with a working resistance calculator, picture taking features, and implementation of sample OpenCV code.  We have also compiled a large dataset of resistor images, with varying color bands, lighting, background surfaces, and zoom/focus levels.  We are currently working to learn OpenCV for Android.

  • First three weeks:  continue learning OpenCV,  recognize colors from an idealized situation, and crop functionality in Android.
  • fourth - seventh weeks:  Find bands on a cropped image of a resistor and UI overhaul.
  • eighth - twelfth weeks:  find and crop to a resistor in an image.
  • rest of semester:  extend functionality to work with continuous scanning from the camera, rather than from pictures and work on any further improvements for detection of shape/band color

Technical Details:
We will be using Java and the Android sdk, as well as the Android imaging library OpenCV.  OpenCV is a very robust library and will help us to accomplish a lot of what we want to do with our application.

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